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[iba Lifesciences] Advantages of controllable T cell stimulation.

관리자 2023.03.22 13:51 조회 2056 추천 17

T cell stimulation: methods, procedure and lab applications 

in vitro activation and expansion of functional T cells is critical for basic research to understand immune responses and analyze cell characteristics. Additionally, it also plays a role in therapeutic and clinical applications such as treatment of cancer.

The initial activation and proliferation of T cells is achieved by applying certain reagents that activate cell signals, for example plate-coated or magnetic bead-coated antibodies against CD3 and CD28. However, using high affinity antibodies that strongly bind to and continuously activate T cells can lead to issues such as exhaustion and decreased proliferation.

An alternative method, the CD3/CD28 Streptamer® approach, uses low affinity anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 Fab fragments fused to a Twin-Strep-tag® which are immobilized on Strep-Tactin® multimer backbones. The addition of biotin allows nearly instant termination of the activation signal and the ability to generate completely reagent-free cells for a variety of downstream applications.

Take a look at the webinar and protocol to learn more about the method. Also, you can read the scientific papers below for more details about recent research projects that used the CD3/CD28
Streptamer® Kit.






Full paper


Full paper



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