Product Solutions

Provide total solutions for Life Science applications together with global partners. We are constantly striving to be more
connected, forward-looking and customer-focused to deliver best results.

Molecular Biology, Enzymes


Intact Genomics

Intact Genomics provide high-quality life science products and large insert DNA cloning, manipulation, and BAC library related services to help scientists explore the genome structure and function of microorganisms, plants and animal species, and such as competent cells, enzymes, RT-PCR & RT-PqPCR kits, T4 Enzymes, cloning kit, FastAmp Plant Direct PCR kit.

Creative Enzymes

Creative Enzymes uses its expertise in enzyme manufacturing to supply customers enzymes using for life science research and production of medicines, food, alcohol, beer, fruit juice, fabric, paper and leather goods


Yakult provides the enzymes of protoplast preparation from plants, Isolates single cells from leaf cells and cultured plant. cells.

Enzyme Research Laboratories

For over 30 years Enzyme Research Laboratories has been manufacturing and distributing a variety of enzymes and cofactors used in basic coagulation research.


Providing the most valuable tools and solutions for protein research


KactusBio is an R&D-driven, innovative biotech company dedicated to drug discovery, immunotherapy, and mRNA vaccines.

Messenger Bio

We started Messenger Bio with a singular mission : to democratize access to biotechnology's most powerful tools.