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Creative Diagnostics

Creative Diagnostics (Bioparticles) offers custom gold conjugation service using various types of gold nanospheres and nanorods to conjugate with antibodies, proteins, oligonucleotides, carbohydrates, bio-targeting molecules or other biomolecules.


Nanoimmunotech offer a large variety of high quality particles (micro- and nanoparticles) prepared for an easy bioconjugation, Highly-efficient kits for oriented conjugation of proteins to nanoparticles for the design of functionalized systems, to help you developing the most optimal solution for your projects and others

micromod Partikeltechnologie GmbH

The micromod Partikeltechnologie GmbH is a technology-oriented company with focus on the development and production of monodisperse micro- and nanoparticles and their coating.

Nano Biosols

The first generation of biologically functionalized gold nanoparticles was developed as a tool in life science research, mainly in microscopy. The second generation nanoparticles were used as components in lateral flow in-vitro diagnostic kits, where they produce a macroscopic red signal confirming the result of a test. It is predicted that the third generation of gold nanoparticles will feature as theragnostic i.e. as therapeutic and diagnostic agents in the developing field of nanomedicine.


As a global supplier of microparticle solutions, our experienced scientists manufacture high quality latex, fluorescent, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic and colored dyed microparticles.


BioAssay Works focus on rapid, easy-to-use, lateral-flow immunoassays, and develop the crucial reagents, such as gold sols, gold conjugates, gold ribbon, etc. that are the backbone of any high-performance lateral-flow device.


MKnano today offers Nanotechnology products in following material formats: Atomic & Molecular Clusters, Buckyballs, Graphene, Fullerenes & Carbon Nanotubes, Nanocrystals, Nanoparticles & Nanopowders, NanoFillers, NanoAdditives, Nanorods & Nanowires, Magnetic Nanoparticles, Magnetic Nanostructures, Nanolubricant Powders, Nanoparticale Dispersions, Nano Tubes, Quantum Dots.