Product Solutions

Provide total solutions for Life Science applications together with global partners. We are constantly striving to be more
connected, forward-looking and customer-focused to deliver best results.

Cell & Media



Cyagen Biosciences specializes in custom knock-out, knock-in and transgenic  mice, as well as virus packaging, vector cloning, stem cells and cell culture media.

Cell Systems

Cell Systems provide human primary cells, media, and reagents for research  institutions around the globe to aid in the understanding of cell biology and  discovery of treatments for all varieties of human conditions.

Creative Bioarray

Creative Bioarray offers a wide range of cell services for global clients. Over 10+  years’ experience in cell biology and cell culture, we can recommend strategies and provide contract services for cell-based assays, including cell line tests, stem cells research and iPS cell research

Advanced BioMatrix

Advanced BioMatrix is a leader in the life science of three dimensional (3D)  applications for tissue culture, cell assay, and cell proliferation.


Cedarlane products include monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, cell separation media, complement for tissue typing, and highly characterized neuronal cell lines

Anaerobe Systems

Anaerobe Systems produces a comprehensive range of pre-reduced anaerobically sterilized (PRAS) plated and broth culture media


Kerafast is to make unique laboratory-made research tools easily accessible to the global scientific community. Our portfolio includes cell lines, antibodies, small molecules, dyes and more, many of which are not available elsewhere.


Neuromics is based on providing reagents of Human Cells, Animal Cells, Cell Culturing products, Antibodies, proteins, others that are thoroughly tested and characterized.